Is online betting legal in India?

There is a lot of confusion regarding the legality of the online betting site in India though it’s easy to understand the whole scenario. In this article, we will discuss if using online betting sites is legal or not.

Online sports betting in India

Let’s drive straight into the issue. Will gambling on an online betting site in India get you in trouble? The quick answer is NO. Because no law restricts the citizens of India from gambling their money on online betting sites with different offshore accounts. Tracing a particular bet from India is quite impossible as long as the bet was with some offshore online betting sites. During the Indian Premier League, different online betting sites from all around the globe receive millions of bets from Indian people. All because no law in the Indian constitution restricts online gambling with online betting sites.

Gambling in an online betting site in India is very trendy as betting your money on online betting sites is so easy online! During the IPL season, millions of Indians bet thousands of Indian rupees on different fixtures. To place your bet on some online offshore online betting sites, you only have to choose from the popular online betting sites like Leovegas or bet365, or Betway, and you will only need to register with your credentials on official website, like 4rabet for example. Then you can place your bet on any online fixture you want in the best online betting sites! No law is restricting you from making a bet on your favorite sport as long as the online betting sites are situated outside of India.

Is online betting bad?

Gambling has always been something that people see as taboo, mainly because of irresponsible gambling. Many countries prohibit gambling but very few countries prohibit online gambling in online betting sites. Mainly because it is hard to regulate bets if the bets are made with some offshore online betting sites, it is illegal to gamble on the soil of the US, but there is no law against online gambling on online betting sites. As far as the law goes, one must not gamble on a site located in the US.

However, if the servers of the online betting sites are located outside of the US, then you are not committing a crime although I fear that there might be a thin chance that players might run afoul of state law, that is nothing serious you’ll not even have to give any compensation for betting on online betting sites and advertising online betting sites while in the US is also restricted. Any kind of foul advertisement that promotes online betting sites can make a serious case, and you might get prosecuted, but in terms of placing a bet on the best online site in India, no one can make an acquisition of crime against you.

Indian government statement on online betting

It is a fact that the online betting sites can not take bets and can not make advertisements of gambling and betting while on Indian soil, But no law prohibits online betting sites from operating from within their country and, for business purposes, targeting Indian customers. And the Indians can’t be assaulted for making bets online because the servers are located outside of Indian jurisdiction.

The solitary necessity from a legitimate perspective is that the online betting sites have to bring to the table Indian money. As a primary betting currency for the Indian players that are making bets. Although this isn't the rule anymore in some of the states in India as the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh restricted all online betting for Indians. Anybody overstepping this new law will get as long as one year in prison or a certain compensation for committing foul.

Should online betting be banned on the planet?

Our answer to the question: “if online betting sites should be banned or not” depends on two factors. Those are:

  • Online betting sites, if used properly, can be a great asset for the middle-income people of India. 

  • But if used irresponsibly, online betting sites can bring destruction and darkness to people’s lives because online betting sites are highly addictive.

So we think that the online betting sites should not be banned, it should remain absolutely legal like it is now, and everyone should gamble responsibly!